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Small creative businesses and their owners are among my very favourite things (along with beaches, chocolate, mythical creatures and cider).

From new headshots, through custom stock photos for your blog and social media, to images that show who you really are for your about page and beyond, the right photography can transform your business. 

Let’s talk about how bespoke¬†photography could boost your beloved business <3¬†

Multipod Issues: describing yourself and what you do

What do you do? Ah, that killer question. I have no idea why it's so important to modern society, but it seems to be a standard conversational gambit, especially when meeting someone for the first time. All too often, we respond as we have been conditioned to do -...

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Branding Photography: Love You Burlesque

2017 was an exciting year. Having danced burlesque with the Burlesque Jems for nearly six years, when new owners Lizzie Lovelace and Bitsy Sunshine announced a rebrand, I was delighted to work with them to capture a year's worth of their classes, residentials,...

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Juggling like an entrepreneur

Are you finding that life gets busier and busier, seemingly by the day? Since leaving the London job for my beloved businesses & a day job nearer home, I try really hard not to glorify busy - to only say I'm busy if I actually am, and to try and make time to live...

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