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Small creative businesses and their owners are among my very favourite things (along with beaches, chocolate, mythical creatures and cider). From new headshots, through custom stock photos for your blog and social media, to images that show who you really are for your about page and beyond, the right photography can transform your business.  Let’s talk about how bespoke photography could boost your beloved business <3 
Hi, lovely.


I know you. You’re vibrant, excited, full of sparkle and soul.

Your business is too – even with the ups and downs, it’s one of the great loves of your life (alongside your pets, your passion projects and your family).

Wouldn’t it be gorgeous to have photos which showcase you and your beloved business at their very best?

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and side hustlers get beautiful, relaxed shots which reflect who they really are, and show the world what they do.

Plus a community of people on this same batshitcrazy journey you’re on 🙂

Sound good? Here’s the lowdown…

Relaxed documentary, portrait, editorial & product photography for solopreneurs in Essex, Suffolk & beyond.

Thrive on lots of things at once? There’s a good chance you’re a multipotentialite – read & listen to business musings & advice.

I made the Business Soloists Club because it’s SO comforting to find other people who get it – this is one rollercoaster of a journey!

New Thing Thursday: little luxuries

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Colchester Open Studios 2018

Last weekend was my first Open Studios, with the whole building's doors open to the public. It only happens once a year, and it's a wonderful chance to come and see artists at work, nose around our spaces and talk to us about our practice. My studio, Studio 19, is...

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Some honesty & a reminder…

Happy Tuesday, loves! It's been the weirdest journey since leaving the day job and leaping into full time self employment. Today I wanted to remind you to remember to listen to your soul. Even when you're doing what you always wanted to do, there will be obstacles,...

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