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Small creative businesses and their owners are among my very favourite things (along with beaches, chocolate, mythical creatures and cider).

From new headshots, through custom stock photos for your blog and social media, to images that show who you really are for your about page and beyond, the right photography can transform your business. 

Let’s talk about how bespoke photography could boost your beloved business <3 

Performance Photography: Burlesque Solos

Burlesque dancers are definitely among my favourite subjects - they have all the joy of dance, all the best parts of entrepreneurship and all the unique eccentricity of, well, burlesque! Bookings for stage performances are always fun - and it's fab to be able to watch...

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AN79 Tattoo Balm launch, Colchester

As someone who has no tattoos but is completely fascinated with them, I was delighted to get an invitation to Alice Nicholls' launch party for her new tattoo balm. She owns the beautiful, female-run AN79 tattoo studio on Eld Lane in Colchester, and has designed an...

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