The Business Soloist Sessions

(branding photography with soul for your gorgeous creative business)


Formally referred to as lifestyle commercial photography, but I don’t really do formal or corporate… if you’re here, chances are you don’t, either.

Here’s the thing. People buy from people, not from companies or brands or brand names.

The rest of your branding and what you say about your business is important, but you can make or break a first impression (or a twentieth impression) with the imagery you use.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a series of photos of you – doing your business thing and doing your life thing, that fit with you & your brand, to illustrate what you’re telling your clients?

To have photographs that mean something to you and your business for your blog posts, personalised stock photography which fits your ethos and goes with your branding and shows the soul of who you are?

I’ve been documenting the world through my camera lens for a over a decade, and have worked in marketing, web design and graphic design for a big chunk of that time. I also ran my own web design business for a couple of years, so I know how important good images are to the way that people perceive your business.

From new headshots (not dull corporate ones) to a full set of images showing off your business and yourself, let’s talk about what photography can do to help your business soar.

Business Soloist Sessions are available now – from a couple of hours to get the essence of you & your business, to half & full days to really capture the soul of your business on camera.

(oh, and these can definitely be for more than one person!)

Let's talk about your photos

Drop me an email, tell me about your business, and we’ll have a no-obligation discussion about what’s possible and exciting for you and your beloved business.

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