This morning I started reading Big Magic. This afternoon I spotted that my one of favourite photographers, Kerrie Mitchell, with whom I plan to spend a day shooting and learning and planning my business in February, was exhibiting at Wivenhoe  House wedding fair. And as I live so close, I figured I’d pop down and say hi. 

And it was lovely – her wedding work is even more beautiful in print, it was quiet enough by 2.30pm that I didn’t get in the way of prospective wedding clients, and I am now feeling massively inspired even though it’s still months before I’ll get to work with her! 

After my first weekend back in my house, I have had a million ideas but haven’t actually taken any photos – the first day I spent more or less asleep between cups of tea, and today I let the cats out for the first time since August (we have been living at my parents’ while I had serious work done to my house). So I ended up doing filing to distract myself, which was nowhere near as much fun as a shoot, but has left me with a sense of satisfaction and a clearer mind… It’s amazing how much my physical clutter causes my brain to be chaotic. 

It’s also interesting to see what I can come up with photo-wise with a very limited wardrobe – my clothes are half in the garage, a quarter in the house and a quarter in mum and dad’s garage. And all my props and pretty dresses are up in the garage loft. There be spiders, so there I don’t go by myself… 

But a challenge is always a good thing, right?!