Landed here from Careershifters?

Hi, gorgeous one!

Welcome to the journey of changing your world to fit you, and not the other way around 🙂

If you have questions or comments from my work with Careershifters, I’m always happy to chat –

You can find me being a happy multipod in the following places:

unfurling your wings logo

Creative catalyst and photography with soul for your beloved business. Plus a growing community of solo business owners on the same mad journey you’re on.

Run Away Days logo

Swimmable mermaid tails, mermaid photoshoots, workshops, experiences and parties in the UK. Based in Essex and Suffolk, but have tails, will travel!

Carla Watkins Photography logo

Capturing you just as you are – lifestyle, pet, burlesque and boudoir photography by a body positive burlesque mermaid, in Essex, Suffolk and beyond.

carla louise blog logo
Lifestyle, photography and happy work blog, including random musings and quite a few cats. Established 2004, terrifyingly.
Ink Drops Boxes logo

Delightful stationery, dropped through your letterbox. And a fabulous blog full of musings on life, books, getting organised and more. Because everyone deserves good stationery.

silly kittens logo
My cats (who are extremely silly) were taking over all my other feeds – so I gave them their own blog to play with. Still can’t decide if that was a great idea or a very dangerous one…!