The Multipodcast by Carla Watkins |

Hello loves!

I don’t know about you, but this early evening darkness is confusing my body clock no end – and the cats are most miffed that they’re not allowed to prowl outdoors till 10pm.

I wanted to write a quick post to introduce you to my podcast, which is delightfully named the Multipodcast… see what I did there?! I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times but haven’t actually introduced it properly.

Discovering that multipotentialitism (is that even a word?) or being a multipotentialite was an actual trait, shared by thousands of people all over the world, was a total epiphany for me.

And relaxing into it, rather than stressing about my total inability to single-task, has been a gamechanger.

Anyone who’s known me at any point in my life will tell you that talking is my Olympic sport, and during my time in day jobs, I grew to love podcasts, as I could plug in my headphones, get on with whatever task was in hand, and learn things at the same time.

And so I joined talking with putting information out into the world, for business owners and  I present… episodes 1 to 4 of the Multipodcast!

Next job is to set up a page for it over here, and get the transcripts sorted for those of you who are readers rather than listeners 🙂 No specific frequency yet, was aiming for somewhere around monthly. Time will tell!

I’m always open to ideas for things to discuss, anything related to life or business as a multipod is relevant – just drop me a note on!