#marchmeetthemaker day 2 is “hands at work” – my hands are holding my cameras as often as they can, but more often, as is usually the way for small businesses, are to be found typing, writing (by hand, with a fountain pen!) or holding the pen of my graphics tablet while I edit.

Since I am a photographer at heart, here’s one of my beloved cameras in my hands. You can actually tell quite a lot about me from this shot – my camera & the studio trigger, my hair, my necklace, my rings, my watch & my word of the year bangle are all visible.

Like the photos I take for my clients, it should immediately tell you some things about me, even though you can’t see my face. Photographer should be fairly obvious, I hope. Also that I love colour, that I wear ridiculous clothes daily, and that I’m a massive Wheel of Time fan (bonus points if you spot that one!). If you know your photography gear, there’s a hint at a studio in here too #studio19ardleigh

It does its job well, I think, but it’s not the whole story – what it doesn’t tell you is that I’m a dual system photographer (Sony/Canon) and that I actually only do about 20% of my work in the studio, where this was taken – and the vast majority of my shoots are done on location, to suit my lovely clients.

Which is why every shoot I do begins with an intensive Brand Clarity session, and lots of planning!