Just wanted to record something that happened yesterday, which I felt was a really good marker of how far I’ve come in business mindset since I started out with Ducking Fabulous in 2009.

Popping up to a colleague’s office after a meeting, we got talking to a new starter about my mermaid business, and the shop, and also the hen parties I run. She was intrigued by the niche, and also asked the ever popular question, “what does a professional mermaid actually do?” which always makes me smile!

Another colleague, someone I’ve not met before, then joined the conversation and said her daughter loved the H2O series (me too!), and asked me how much a children’s size mermaid tail was.

I said around £130 – actually they retail at £135 on Mermaiding UK’s shop including UK P&P.

Her face was a picture. She could not believe that people would pay “that much” for a kid’s costume, and it was clear by her reaction and tone that she thought I was quite mad for charging that.

Mindset shift - she's not my ideal client | four mermaids on a beach | carlawatkins.com

Now, while I realise not everyone has the money to spare, and not everyone prioritises mermaid tails as a spending category, there was a time when that reaction would have absolutely crushed me.  I would have taken it as a sign that I was clearly an idiot, doing something stupid, charging too much and obviously doomed to fail. (What do you mean, my inner dialogue is a tad overdramatic?!)

Yesterday, I simply smiled, explained they were good quality, fully swimmable tails with safety features, and suggested she look elsewhere for cheaper ones if mine were too expensive.

She is not my ideal client. 

It really is as simple as that. She either can’t afford, or doesn’t want to spend the money, on the tails I choose to stock – and that is totally ok.

But it was a revelation to me to be able to smile and walk away without feeling devastated.

You can’t please all the people, all the time – and I already know there are people out there who are delighted by the opportunity to buy from a UK based stockist and not have to faff with customs, secure in the knowledge they’re getting a genuine tail from a real mermaid 🙂

Thought the story was worth sharing as I’m sure some of you have similar inner woes on occasion!