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Welcome to New Thing Thursday! An excuse to learn/experiment with new things and blog about them. Some will be photography and some won’t, and I’ll probably use it across all my sites, so keep an eye out! This week: Look at the exciting prettiness! Any excuse to use my beautiful new desk set in Studio 19… these are a few things which have found their way to me lately and I wanted to share their beauty with you:

Stories and Sources

The gold clips were from Wilko – I adore any form of stationery, especially if I can also use it as a prop.

The rainbow phone case was an Amazon essential – I have smashed my phone screen no less than three times since getting it in February so finally caved and accepted I needed a proper case.

The “One Line A Day” diary is a charity shop find, but if you want one similar, Chronicle Books do them and have some beautiful updated designs. I have an identical one which I filled in every day from my 25th birthday to the eve of my 30th birthday, and it is a gorgeous record of the last five years of my twenties. This one started on 1st August, the official first day of my freedom – I can’t wait to see what the coming five years bring!

Diamine’s Marine ink is the thing I have been looking for my whole life – my signature ink colour for all my fountain pens! It’s a dusky turquoise/mint green sort of colour and oh, it makes my heart happy. The bottle is glorious too and is likely to pop up as a prop 🙂 The little box is ink cartridges, so I can keep using fountain pens while I’m out & about.

Clear-and-copper push pins are mainly for my studio & pop up shop – they feature in my necklace pinboard for Mermaiding UK:

Mermaid necklaces on a board |

The Staedlter pigment liner was a gift from my last Cultpens order, and while I am not the fondest of orange, it is working a treat to prioritise things in my bullet journal and to highlight dates in my studio diary.

Almost last but absolutely by no means least, the gorgeous pink Corksicle canteen came to me via a conversation at a trade show – we were discussing me being a professional mermaid, and to my delight they gifted it to me. I’ve been after a bigger sized than my trusty turquoise one for ages, and I am SO CHUFFED with this one.

And finally, the two mesh noticeboards in the shot are from Matalan, which has astounded me with its excellent homeware lately. I’m so pleased with this permanent desk set – I built it for Ink Drops, but it’s versatile enough for most of my styled product shots and I LOVE it. Working on creating interchangeable wallpapered backgrounds for different looks, too.

I’m not usually one for haul posts, but most of these have already slipped beautifully into everyday use, and I couldn’t resist sharing as they looked so pretty together!

What have you acquired lately?

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