Are you missing your favourite classes? Lots of them have gone online – so now you can support local businesses and dance, stretch, yoga and a multitude of other things from the comfort of your home.

Here are just a few of the wonderful local businesses now offering online classes – a massive variety of different things!

Love You Burlesque

Born from a love of burlesque, dancing and the body image movement. LYB spread the word that every woman, no matter what age, ability, size and shape has the right to feel good about herself. They usually run classes across Essex, Suffolk and Herts, alongside workshops & courses. At the moment there are no less than eight fabulous classes running, for four weeks at a time.

Some are live via Zoom, some are pre-recorded, and all of them have lots of support & fabulousness so you can burlesque whenever it suits you.


Becky is not your typical fitness instructor. She promotes a holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing that’s not just about aesthetics – and she is the most encouraging fitness person I’ve ever met!

More about building confidence than muscle, more about losing inhibitions than inches. MissFits was created as an alternative to the ‘traditional’ fitness/weight loss/’feel the burn’ exercise mindset that have put so many of us off exercising for so long.

Classes usually run at two Colchester venues, and at the moment you can join from wherever you are in the world and experience the joy of a MissFits Workout from home!

MissFits Workout

Le Barre Colchester

Le Barre is an innovative Barre workout based on the principles of Pilates and Ballet. It offers a full body workout and is designed to make you “feel the burn” while helping you to create a tight, lean physique and achieve optimum overall physical health.

If you always dreamed of being a ballerina, this might just fill that gap while keeping you supple & toned. And it’s very inclusive!

Live classes are being run online by Danielle and her wonderful team, and there’s everything from total beginners through advanced cardio and all the way through to classes for 60+.

Love You Burlesque by Carla Watkins Business & Branding Photography |

Yoga with Tünde

“Engaging in yoga doesn’t mean flipping into headstands at every given opportunity or twisting your body into a difficult asana( yoga postures). Engaging in a yoga class is much more, it’s about you arriving home to your body, sitting with your breath. Becoming unstuck both in body and mind. Yes, we will use physical postures to help us but always staying with the breath, never forcing what doesn’t come naturally.”

Tünde is currently running her gorgeous yoga classes live via Zoom, including meditation and Mindful Yoga Flow.

Yoga with Tünde

Same Star Yoga

Saprema, Faye and Samantha teach hatha, vinyasa, anusara and yin yoga classes. Beginners are welcome!

They’ve moved all their amazing classes online during the crisis, at a range of times through the day so you should be able to find one you can get to.

They’re also giving free classes to all NHS and support workers – get in touch direct for the code!

Paint Brush ‘n Bubbles

Indulge your inner artist with art classes. Usually held in Ardleigh and Wivenhoe, with bubbles – now bring your own bubbles and follow along live!

Paint Brush ‘n Bubbles is run by mother and daughter artists, Anna and Charis Boon. Anna has been teaching drawing and painting since graduating in Fine Art 10 years ago. Charis returned home from London after gaining a Art History Degree and together they decided to launch these fun painting events.

Paint Brush ‘n Bubbles

Simply be retreats and therapies

Meditation groups and women’s circles with Christine Maragkakis, who improves wellbeing & empowers women through mindfulness, meditation, wellbeing coaching, women’s circles, holistic therapies and retreats.

Online classes, courses and circles are running at varied times, so should fit in with whatever you’re currently juggling.

Simply be retreats and therapies

Synergy Fitness Training

Kevin at SFT offers a fun and friendly bootcamp, small group personal training and individual personal training service – a fitness experience that is all about you.

Currently there are a stack of workouts on the SFT Facebook page where you can follow along live, or watch later!

Synergy Fitness Training

Ellen’s Legacy – slow stitched books

Not quite a class, but gorgeous nonetheless, Ellen’s Legacy is an online community art project, for sitting quietly and stitching slowly together, creating tiny textile books from old fabric.

They only use the most basic of stitches: straight stitch, back stitch and whip stitch, making this project suitable for everyone.

Ellen’s Legacy Facebook group

Flight Aerial Arts

Classes here are firmly on my wishlist despite my less-than-graceful previous attempts, and I am reliably informed that they are also doing online classes!

Focusing on strength building and movements ready for when we’re able to fly again, AND they supply PPE so you can keep your home equipment clean.

Saffron Superdogs

What I know about dog training would fit on the back of a postage stamp, but Emma has taken her classes online and is getting excellent feedback.

Perfect if a puppy has joined you during lockdown!

Saffron Superdogs

Red Rocket Studio

Need to create professional newsletters and brochures, but have absolutely no idea where to start with InDesign? Red Rocket Studio have got your back, and will help you learn to create your own beautiful brochures for print, email and online publishing.

Kazen Kai Martial Arts

Martial arts online – what’s not to love? This one’s for members only, but covers karate, kickboxing and fitness, and is for all ages.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I discover more – feel free to drop me a note if you run a class which has now moved online (don’t forget to tell me where you’re from!) –

And if you’d like to stay in the loop, come & join us over at the Improper Job Collective – likeminded support & monthly letters from me.