Social media is a greedy beast, isn’t it? And I’m sure you’ve enlisted someone else to take photos for your feed at some point, rather than taking 15927 photos on timer and finding maybe one that you can use:

Pretty much every one of my clients so far has asked for flatlays and styled areas as part of their sessions, and while doing my annual review & planning at Christmas, I realised I’ve had “launch stock library” on my list for about five years!

So that’s what I’m currently creating! Studio 19 Stock will be a shop where you can buy individual styled photos, bundles of photos, and some planning and business resources too.

All of them will come with a commercial licence so you can use them in your business, including on social and your website, and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Even as a professional photographer, the idea of posting to Instagram/Facebook/etc daily is intimidating, and I am hopeful this will ease the pressure for you.

Studio 19 Stock will launch soon – and if you hop on the mailing list, you’ll be the very first to find out when it does. Plus, bonus subscriber-only treats! Pop to to sign up 💙