Hello, lovely.

Starting and running a business can be the most exhilarating, and the toughest, thing in the world. I’ve been there. I’m still there, in fact!

I’m Carla – multipod, proud Ravenclaw, real mermaid, cat parent, Deep Winter, bookworm (& ex-librarian), fountain pen addict, believer in magic & unicorns, and daytime glitter wearer.

With three and a half businesses of my own (the half is one I co-own), I adore my portfolio career but I know exactly how hard it can be to fit everything in and wear all the hats being a solopreneur requires, while still keeping your personality in the business.

It’s a rollercoaster, isn’t it?

The moments of leaping joy and the moments of updating your social media with a happy quote and then collapsing onto the sofa in tears – I get it, all of it. You’re safe with me and I promise you’re not alone!

Photography tailored perfectly to you

I photograph you and your business to show the world who you really are, and attract your most ideal clients to you.

Branding photography might sound scary, but actually is the best way to show off your beloved business.

Gorgeous images of you & what you do will boost your confidence in yourself, your work, and your ability to tell the world what you do.

Which means less freaking out about running a small business in the first place.

As a specialist photographer with skills & experience across several genres, a regular blogger since 2004, a successful business designing websites for new creative business owners behind me, and almost a decade working in marketing, you can trust in my combination of knowledge, skills and experience that will take some of the “argh!” moments away and replace them with “ahhhh”.

(That’s the “ahhh” that comes with a cup of tea and your favourite book, not the one you yell as you tackle a giant slide).

So what now?

You’ll find advice, inspiration, information and business love over on the blog, and don’t forget to get your free membership of the Improper Job Collective.

You can meet others on the same journey as you, ask questions, share frustrations, contribute your own expertise and generally revel in the wonder of having likeminded people in the world. You’re running a business on your own – but you’re never alone!

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Don’t want a Proper Job? Excellent, come & join us…

TL:DR Hi! I’m Carla, a colourful, magical weirdo, creating glorious photos and business confidence for misfits & weirdos across the UK.

I’m based in Essex, work across Essex, Suffolk & Berkshire mostly, but willing to travel anywhere in the UK if you ask nicely 😉

Between brand photography, business mentoring and multipoddery (that’s the art of thriving on many things), I help you & your business to fly.