Business resources and courses

Whether you’re looking to get more organised, find a community, learn new skills or brush up on existing ones, and whatever stage of business you’re at, you’ll find helpful things here.

The list is always expanding 🙂

Fellow weirdos in business

who totally get not wanting a Proper Job! The Improper Job Collective is a supportive community for all stages of starting & running a business.

Styled photos
and flatlays

which make your site sleeker, your social scheduling faster and your brand more cohesive

Real life

stock photos

from a small enough library that your competitors won’t be using the same photos in their marketing

Working from
Home toolkit

including a mini-magazine with tips, tricks & advice for working from home, plus free Zoom backgrounds to disguise where you’re working from

Downloads, planners and printables

to transform your business life, and make your workspace more colourful!