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Small creative businesses and their owners are among my very favourite things (along with beaches, chocolate, mythical creatures and cider). From new headshots, through custom stock photos for your blog and social media, to images that show who you really are for your about page and beyond, the right photography can transform your business.  Let’s talk about how bespoke photography could boost your beloved business <3 

Hi! I’m Carla Watkins, a branding photographer based in Colchester, covering the whole of the UK, creating gorgeous photography for you and your beloved business.

I know you. You’re vibrant, excited, full of sparkle and soul.

Your business is too – even with the ups and downs, it’s one of the great loves of your life (alongside your pets, your passion projects and your family).

Imagine having your very own library of photos which showcase you and your beloved business at their very best.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and side hustlers like you get beautiful, relaxed shots which reflect who you really are, and show the world what you do.

With 15 years of experience in photography, design, marketing & web editing, I know what imagery you need to make your business fly.

Plus there’s a podcast and a community of people on this same batshitcrazy journey you’re on 🙂

Sound good? Here’s the scoop…

Relaxed documentary, portrait, editorial & product photography for businesses & their owners in Essex, Suffolk & beyond.

Thrive on lots of things at once? There’s a good chance you’re a multipotentialite – read & listen to business musings & advice.

I made the Business Soloists Club because it’s SO comforting to find other people who get it – this is one rollercoaster of a journey!

Checking in with your dreams

What are you dreaming of? What are your wishes and hopes for your business and life? As business owners, our lives are so caught up in our businesses, so intertwined that we often can't disentangle the two. Since leaving my day job I've been doing, every day, what I...

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Personal Branding Photography: Louise Rose Couture

Louise's new studio and boutique were already among my favourite places in the world, and then she added this wallpaper: So when it was time for our fourth-quarter shoot, I was pretty much halfway down the motorway before the new sofa had arrived! But arrive it did,...

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The styled stock library is coming…

Social media is a greedy beast, isn't it? And I'm sure you've enlisted someone else to take photos for your feed at some point, rather than taking 15927 photos on timer and finding maybe one that you can use: Pretty much every one of my clients so far has asked for...

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