share your brand shoot
with your favourite(s)!

Business Besties

share your brand shoot with your favourite(s)!

Are you thinking about a brand shoot?

And do any of these sound familiar?


You want new photos for your business


You're not sure you need a full shoot yet


Photos make you slightly nervous


You'd need someone to pose as a client


You're part of a collective or group


You're plotting and launching a new Thing


Up to three of you would happily share a brand shoot


join forces

and share a brand shoot – win win!

Get together with your favourite business humans, and share a full day brand shoot between you.

You’ll have someone to plan with and bounce ideas off,  someone to share nerves and ideas with, and you can be each other’s posed “clients” for the shots which need them.

You’ll still get a good number of photos each, you can also use it to cover any joint projects or plans you have, and of course you share the cost – it’s the perfect solution if you’ve been on the fence for a while.

And of course, when you have a shoot with your friends, you definitely get built-in giggles and silliness!

Ready already?

Book a call and let’s talk about brand magic with your besties!


Business Besties

Business Besties

It’s just as fabulous as a solo brand shoot, but with extra joy!

I’m Carla Watkins, Visual Magic Maker – and I’ll guide you through the process from start to finish with magic and love.

Every shoot includes my exclusive Brand Clarity Workbook and the in depth planning process that comes from it. With a joint shoot, you get to do one for each of your businesses and can also do one for any joint projects you have, so we can split the shoot and get exactly what you need.

Different visual styles? No problem – we’ll plan it all before we start shooting.

included in all shared shoots


My Brand Clarity workbook, so we can tailor your part of the shoot to your own business, values & style. Your answers stay confidential with me, so you’re safe to tell me anything you want to within it. 



An in-depth call with everyone, to figure out plans, logistics and any wiggly bits. I’m also happy to organise separate chats if you have any concerns you don’t want to share with your shoot partners.


A full but well-paced day of shooting, with time for everyone to have their own photos, to breathe and pause between sections, and to change outfits and drink tea when needed!


Each business will have its own visual style, and we’ll discuss this at the planning stages so your own set of photos fit your own business perfectly.


Although you’ll share the shoot, you’ll get separate paperwork and galleries for your own businesses – so there’s no confusion with accounts or with sending your photos out into the world!


My superpower is putting you at ease, and I’ll work with you before and during your shoot to make sure you’re comfortable, happy & getting the photos you need – so you can relax and enjoy the day with your business besties. 


Business Besties:

  • is available on Bewitched, my full day shoot package at £1495
  • can be shared by two or three people
  • can also include any shared projects of participants.

If four or more of you want to share a shoot, please get in touch for rates and possibilities.



do our businesses have to be similar?

Not at all – we’ll go through all this in the planning stages, and figure out what suits each person and business in terms of location, style and the actual shots. You probably do need to like each other, though – it’s a long (though fun) day! 

how many photos will we get?

This one is a how long is a piece of string question, as it depends on your locations, distance between them and lots of other variables. In general, a Bewitched shoot gives you around 250-300 digitals, sometimes a few more and sometimes a few less, which will be split between you more or less equally. 

All your final images are high resolution and come with a full commercial use licence, so you can do whatever you want with them except resell them!


can we bring pets / kids to the shoot?

Absolutely, though for smooth running of joint shoots, I ask that they are brought in for a specific chunk of time (usually at the start or the end) and then taken elsewhere so that you and your friends can focus on your own shoot. 

Obviously if one of you has a pet or child related business, this is flexible – that’s what planning is for 🙂

can we shoot in different places?

Of course! Be mindful that all travel on the day is part of your overall shoot time, so for your sake and the sake of your photos, ideally no long treks between places, or locations with long queues – but you’re not restricted to one place. 

Any entry fees are the client’s responsibility, and getting permission from any private locations to shoot and use the resulting photos, if needed is also your responsibility although I’m always happy to help with that. 

Will you travel for a shoot?

Yes, I cover the whole of the UK, with some extra fees for travel and accommodation. I’m happy to work these out for you before you commit to a shoot – just drop me a line with where you are and when you’re thinking, and I can let you know availability and what travel would cost on top. 

I have another question!

No probs – give me a shout and I’ll do my best to answer it! 



Peek behind the scenes of a recent shared shoot


to book your own Business Besties brand shoot?

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