Well, shit – isn’t this a turn up for the books? Every small business I know is struggling massively, through no fault of their own – and I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot like I’m on that scary Willy Wonka ride right now…

Here are all the ways I can currently help – and I’m always on the other end of an email – hello@carlawatkins.com.

Paid support

Like you, I am also still offering paid things – because we all need income & to keep cashflow moving. Payment plans are always available, too.

Brand photography is of course still my main offering, and will boost your business massively when all this is over. Though we can’t do an in-person shoot right now, I am very much still open for bookings, we can plan in detail during lockdown, and then shoot when the current measures have eased, so you’re ready to promote as things start to get back to normal – or whatever new normal looks like!

By popular request, I’m working on getting the Brand Clarity sessions set up as a separate thing too, so that even if you don’t currently need photography, you can still benefit from refreshing or establishing clarity around what you do, what you stand for and how you show up in your business.

Mentoring for you & your business, whether you’re just starting out or you’re using this time to get your business into the best possible shape for the other side of the crisis, Supercharging Sessions can help 🙂

SOS Sessions are, as they sound, an entry-level mentoring service for when you need to push the panic button.

If you’re producing content and switching your business to be pretty much entirely online, Studio 19 Stock could be your saviour. It’s my small but perfectly formed stock photo library, and over the coming weeks I have lots of new shots to update it with. Saves you battling your own! (and most of them are prettier than the loo roll, but I couldn’t resist…)

Inside Studio 19 Stock you’ll also find printables, resources & other delights to keep your business on track.

Product photography by post! During lockdown and with social distancing, you can still post me the beautiful things you make and any props you’d like to include, and I’ll style & photograph them ready for your online shop, then post them back.

Currently working on updating my page for products, so if you’re interested, drop me a line – hello@carlawatkins.com.

On their way, as well as the Brand Clarity sessions, are courses including photography, multipoddery, business planning and alter egos. Make sure you’re in the Improper Job Collective to make sure you hear about them.


Other things I can help with, either via mentoring or standalone, include videography, creating online courses and flexible/remote working training.

Free support

I know, money is tight! So here’s all my free support currently available:

The Creative Reboot podcast is co-hosted by me and the excellent Sarah Wayte. It’s an honest look at all sides and types of creative life, and we even released an emergency episode 2.5 to cover impact & practical advice around the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Improper Job Collective & the monthly (ish) emails are where you can find likeminded souls for support & advice while you’re launching, growing or just hanging on for dear life to your business. There’s a replay of my live initial response to Covid-19 and small businesses, and lots more planned. Get your invitation with the form below (no spam, unsubscribe any time):


There are loads of tips here on the blog, including tools for working remotely, multipod issues, and more planned including networking and pivoting to online.

My free Working from Home Toolkit is a mini magazine to keep you sane, healthy & calm during this very strangest of times, and a set of free Zoom backgrounds (which I’m adding to all the time) so you can work from bed or the sofa and no one on a conference call will ever know…


Put the kettle on & let’s have a virtual cuppa – much easier to sort out what you want & what you need by chatting about it.

 I’d love to support you, and help you boost, protect and nurture your business while the current chaos rages.