This session was ridiculously fun! The lovely Janine runs In Love With Colour, where she does colour analysis – finding the best colours for each person, to make them look their best. (And I do mean at their best – the blusher she recommended to me makes me look like I’m wearing foundation even when I’m not – I’ve never experienced anything like it!)

She refers to the process as “colour magic”, which as you can imagine made me ever so happy… so I was delighted with the opportunity to photograph her in action, draping our friend Sophie, shortly before my own session.

Catching Janine in action was a joy – she is truly in her element when doing this – and it was also gorgeous to watch Sophie’s reaction to the colours and makeup after she was pronounced a Summer. (I’m a Winter. Janine is also a Summer. You can’t tell by looking at someone, or by their hair, skin & eye colour, but I can’t recommend the process highly enough!)


We also talked about some branding and logo ideas, other related services she could offer, and how to get more people to understand how glorious this process is, without sounding like we’re promoting a cult (!).

You can find Janine at In Love With Colour – make a cuppa first, it’s fascinating reading! Booking information, including pricing, is over here, and I’ll happily tell you more about my experience if you’d like!

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