Towards the end of last year, I bought the Dream Plan Do planner on Kickstarter. I’d heard good things about it, and had been in a Q&A session with Patricia van den Akker who created it, and thought it might be a good thing to have some structured planning in 2018.

Dream plan do and things |

“But you’re a free spirit!” I hear you cry. “What do you mean, structured planning?””

Yup, I thought that too. But it turns out that a certain amount of freedom (more than you’d expect) lies in having a routine & a structure. I’m rebuilding a routine for my home life following losing Dad a year ago, so why not also my business routine?


Well, it’s surprised me.

Each month I sit down and work out what I want to do in the next month, and what I need to get done, too. There are 90 day “juicy goals” which I’m finding really good to work towards – my first was to get Studio 19 up, running & open – and it also encourages you not to try and separate out your business & personal lives.

Because we all know they’re intertwined in ways you can’t really explain to anyone who doesn’t run a business. Or several.

I’ve found the way it’s put together really helpful, with a new development topic to tackle each month (currently it’s finances, eeep) and the online community that goes with it is completely lovely.

It’s designed to work over a whole year, but is undated, so you can start any time. Get yours here:¬†