The beginning of the year is always a weird combination of dull, dreary and seemingly endless… and exciting, fizzy and full of promise. Don’t you think?

The other thing that is often seemingly endless is the need for photos to post online and promote your business – whether it’s social media, networking groups, new flyers & business cards, brochures or even just your profile photos.

And pictures really do tell a thousand words – people remember images more than words, and our brains process them faster, too.

Plus, it’s much easier for your ideal clients to imagine working with you if they can see you and where you work, and snippets of your life & personality so they know whether you’re their kind of person.

My clients usually book a brand shoot once or twice a year, so their image banks are full and their marketing is sorted. But several of them have come back more often than that, and so I’ve created a custom annual subscription, to make life easier!

Magic Through the Seasons is for you if you want the convenience of adding a photographer to your team, without the HR faff.

With an initial deep dive into your brand, four shoots per year, in depth planning sessions for each one, so you can get the most out of your image library, mini showreels, and access to Studio 19 Stock, with payments spread across twelve months, it’s the best decision you’ll make for your business this year!

The subscription is built around my most popular session length, and also customisable, so if you need longer or shorter shoots (or two of each!), I can organise that too. It can start at any point, not just in January, and it gives you so much scope for including different locations as well as seasons.

See more here – and if you’d like to know more, book a no-obligation virtual cuppa and let’s chat!