Lockdown photography: Small Business Barbie brand shoot

by May 4, 2020Blog, Covid-19, Personal Branding Photography, Photography, Product Photography

I never did find a Small Business Barbie, even though my favourite game as a child was running a pretend business with my best friend.

Seven, or is it eight, weeks into lockdown, and like you, I’m really missing my usual business life. Most of all, my clients – I love photographing my cats, but they get stroppy about it when it’s continuous!

So imagine how pleased I was to come across Joss and Fia, an artist and a photographer who share a studio space and who really wanted a personal brand shoot during lockdown…

Joss is an artist & a musician, broadcasting her work via Youtube, and Fia is a photographer & online entrepreneur, currently working on product shots and updating her online presence. Sound familiar? Yay, small business Barbie does exist!

Here’s some highlights from the rest of their session to make you smile:

I am particularly proud of the tiny laptop I made from an SD card case. Yes, there’s every possibility I’ve cracked during isolation, but I had such a good time shooting them, and I hope it’s brightened your day.

Fancy your own shoot?

I am still open for brand photography and product photography – brand sessions are planning now, shooting as soon as is viable, and product photography you can post to me! (unless it’s a car or an elephant, in which case it won’t fit in a courier or Royal Mail van anyway…)

I can also help you with brand clarity & mentoring, drop me a note and let’s have a chat – you’re totally used to Zoom now, right?!

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