In business:

Planning availability for next year for brand shoots, considering dates and frequency of Glorious Headshot Days and being Very Excited about my current mentees and how they’re progressing.

Still (!) working hard on my books, but illness has postponed Visual Magic to 2023. I hope to get both that and Singlehood out during next year!

Creative Reboot’s fifth season is done & dusted, and we’re going to meet in January to plot season 6.

Thinking I really must update my press on the website as I’ve had some lovely pieces lately, including a typewriter nostalgia piece in the Guardian!

In art & personal photography work:

Playing with my new 7 foot diffusion umbrella and figuring out how best to market hiring Studio 19 to makers who want to take photos of their own work.

Pondering new alter ego names, reviving Unfurling and my next personal projects.

Thinking about 2023 exhibitions and events.

Making lots of magical pocket hugs.

In life:

Lots of kitty cuddles and they’re eating properly again (though we still have some digestive issues…)

Eagerly awaiting my typewriter-shaped keyboard to replace the mechanical one whose backspace key has conked out, and reminded me what a shockingly inaccurate typist I am without it.

Still thinking about how to start the mammoth task of organising & printing my personal photos from the last 15-20 years. Have made some progress by shunting some pictures from my phone into albums and onto a hard drive, and buying some scrapbook supplies.

Sleeping whenever I can because I’ve been ill and it was bloody horrible – and I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for Christmas!

Thinking about my words of 2022 – expression, magic and flow – and starting to consider what 2023’s words might be.

In multipoddery:

Silly season for TEMPRD and Ink Drops, multiple events and fairs every weekend, loads of chocolate in the house and no time to breathe!

Bringing my freelance shop support to an end at the start of next year so I can focus better on my own businesses.

Seriously considering how I plan 2023 for better balance and rest – I love everything I do, but my current state isn’t sustainable!

Last updated December 2022.

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