Excuse the wonky bits! I'm refreshing & rebuilding!


In business:

Working on adding videography to my services, writing four books, developing the 2022 printed planner.

Launching season 2 of the Creative Reboot podcast and working on recording season 3. 

Creating a new version of Magic Through The Seasons, and relaunching the Studio 19 Stock library.

In personal photography work:

Meeting with an artist from my studios once a month so we can help each other build our personal projects and a body of work.

Focusing in on self portraits, singlehood and my modern fairytale series.

In life:

Turning my spare room into a camper van, trying new recipes in the air fryer, and experimenting with pink fountain pen inks to find my signature pink (my turquoise signature is Diamine Marine).

In multipoddery:

Growing my chocolate and stationery companies, speaking about multipod and multipotentialite life, and cooking up new things…! 


Last updated February 2021.

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