In business:

Booking, planning & editing a glorious variety of brand shoots with epic clients, in spite of a spate of ridiculous weather.

Working on the Visual Magic book, figuring out what I want to do with the other books, and getting some downloadable goodness back online at last.

Recording & releasing season 6 of Creative Reboot.

Finally feeling like I have some content creation mojo back, and getting some awesome press coverage. 

In art & personal photography work:

Plotting, shooting and prepping for the new fantasy shoot sessions I’m launching in the summer – and a magical summer pop up shop in a real shop!

Pondering new alter ego names and backstories, reviving Unfurling and my next personal projects, and cataloguing my costumes and props. 

Submitting work (jackalopes! bees!) to exhibitions and making prints and magical trinkets for my own events over the summer. 

In life:

Kitten cuddles and sunbathing, and watching them enjoy the spring into summer sunshine.


A new curved headboard and chocolate brownies for breakfast. 

Still figuring out organising & printing my personal photos from the last 15-20 years. Have made some progress by shunting some pictures from my phone into albums and onto a hard drive, and buying some scrapbook supplies.

Using my wonderful new Clever Fox planner to stay on top of my mad life. 

Keeping my 2023 words in mind – simplify, restore, align. 

In multipoddery:

Working on being more strategic and less stuck in the everyday. 

Adding the 75% of stationery stock that wasn’t in the shop to the Ink Drops shop, and trying not to buy absolutely everything we saw at the London Stationery Show. 

Reflecting on balance, and seasons, and outsourcing and asking for help. 

Last updated May 2023.

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