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branding photography

so you can save time and faff, have a bespoke photo library to hand, and show the fuck up in your business (not to mention the world), as who you really are?

magical weirdos

and a community of likeminded souls where there’s no such thing as a silly question, and no Proper Jobs in sight?

Behind the scenes

honesty, inspiration & truth from two creative multipod business owners, delivered with love and a gentle kick to get you out of a rut and living your most excited life? Then you’ll love the Creative Reboot podcast!

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If you’re in need of photos that capture who you are and what you do, and reflect how you show up in the world, I’m your girl.

If you’re completely fed up with trying to feed the beast that is social media with constant new photos, I’m also your girl – imagine spending one afternoon a quarter with me and knowing you’ll have beautiful shots for the next three months lined up!

If you’re vibrant, multipassionate, often changing up your business & your life, have a secret addiction to Rich Tea biscuits and love cats, books and glitter, then we’re going to get along famously.

What are you waiting for?!

No idea what you actually want

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Looking for my fairytale, mermaid and fantasy photography work?

It has its own online home <3

TL:DR I'm a brand photographer for colourful, magical weirdos in business, proud multipod, multipotentialite mentor and podcast host. I am also a commercial photographer in Colchester and beyond, cover events and also editorial photography.

I am the founder of the Improper Job Collective for curious, magical oddballs at any stage of a business journey, and several times a year I hold Glorious Headshot Days so you can get a taster of working with me, and update your headshots in a heartbeat!

And if you're not in business, I shoot fantasy and mermaids along with conceptual art over on my sister site.