So you’re thinking about booking a personal branding shoot and you can mostly see why you’d quite like some up to date photos of you, doing your business thing.

But where the hell do you use them once you have them?!

Here are some ideas:

Profile photos

Maybe obvious, but pretty much everywhere online, from social media to your dating profile to your day job, needs a profile picture these days.

And where better to put your shiny new photos than next to everything you write online?

Your social media feed & headers

Oh, the insatiable monster that is Instagram and Facebook! Wouldn’t it be lovely to know you could just choose from a library of shots which perfectly represent you?!

Your website (obvious, yet often overlooked)

People buy from people. So it’s especially important to have some presence on your own website – and you’d be amazed how many people don’t! You’re already ahead of the crowd if you have an engaging website with your lovely face on it!

You can also use your brand photos to head up different sections in a properly personal way.

The joy of print

Business cards, yes. But also flyers, leaflets, brochures and thank you cards, to strengthen your brand and your client process. Beautiful, on-brand photos of both you and your business will help to build trust in your potential clients, which usually results in more bookings – woohoo!

And last but by no means least…

PR features

Any feature, no matter how small, usually needs a photo of you to go with it. And you’re much more likely to get featured if you can send a set of relevant, editorial quality, high-resolution photographs with your pitch for coverage, because it makes a journalist’s life easier.

Where else would you use your brand photos?

Fancy a chat about how gorgeous photos could elevate your business? Drop me a line and let’s make some magic!