Lots of small business & entrepreneur photography you’ll see online is spread across all sorts of different places. If you’re just dipping your toes into the waters of professional photos for your business, you mostly work in one type of space, or you need pictures for one specific project, you might be wondering how you get both variety & consistency into your shots.

Here’s some inspiration from my shoot with Jackie, who generally does her training & development in boardrooms of varying sizes. She booked one for our shoot:

Action shots

One of the key parts of your brand shoot is getting shots of you in action. Jackie often works with rooms of people, so I made sure to get some natural shots of her talking and handing out materials at the front of the room.

You’ll definitely have little quirks of your own and we’ll look at your brand & business stories during the planning of your shoot. And sometimes, during our session, a perfect shot will present itself which just sums up you & your business perfectly:

Close ups / flat lays

It’s always good to have a few “stock” type photos, which are versatile but still tailored to you. In the planning stages I’ll prompt you to have a think about what you could bring to your shoot for this type of shot – Jackie had some amazing colourful props, a pile of books she’d written, plus her laptop & diary:

At your desk (even if it’s not your actual desk…)

My shoots are all about being the most you you can be, and as authentic as possible. It’s totally ok if your desk isn’t Pinterest-worthy, we can style it a bit while still keeping its usual feel.

On shorter shoots, I have been known to create a desk from scratch… and actually it can be great fun mocking up your workspace in a different location to where you usually work.

An outfit change, because I want these photos to last you a while and for you to be able to use them at different times in your marketing calendar:

And of course, a headshot

My brand photography is so much more than just a headshot, but I feel no shoot or custom image bank is really complete without a few – you’re likely to need them for everything from quotes to press releases to features on other websites, so it’s worth having at least one that you love.

So in just an hour of your time and a few outfit changes, one location can be surprisingly versatile for a quick boost to your marketing images & your bespoke stock photo library.

Fancy a shoot of your own? Have a look at my brand photography and then book yourself a virtual cuppa – it’s free, and I’d love to see what magic we could create for your business!