Lots of my clients are coaches, or owners of service based businesses who don’t really have a product to photograph.

Think this means you won’t get many photos? Think again!

Part of your personal brand photography booking is an in depth Brand Clarity workbook, and then a call with me where we dive deep into your business to find your key brand stories, which I’ll then help you weave into your shoot.

Here are some from a recent session with Tabitha Pascoe, a life coach and business coach in Chelmsford. She’s a One of Many qualified coach and founder of Elevated Women.

Find your favourite quote – and giggle!

Our planning session was full of giggles, and our actual shoot was hilarious – but yielded some fantastic results.

This framed print is one from Tabs’ own wall, and we also shot some blank ones so she can overlay text onto them for future promotions and inspiring quotes to put on her own social media.

Laughing & moving is a great way to get life & energy into your final images. I’m surprisingly bossy when I’m shooting, and will direct you so you don’t have to think about posing.

Think about what you actually do in your business

You’re looking to show your clients who you are and what you do, and how you can help them, right? So if some of that time is spent behind a laptop, or on Skype calls, absolutely show that in your photos!

I aim to make sure you have a bank of photos which show lots of different sides of your business – behind the scenes style photos always go down well.

What’s in your office?

Or your studio, or even your bookshelf at home! Perhaps it’s my ex-librarian vibes, but bookshelves tell me a lot about people – and what you decorate your space with can tie in beautifully with your brand’s feel.

In Tabitha’s case she uses some of her decorative items in workshops, along with the oracle cards, so having shots of these makes her social media approach easier and more cohesive.

The headshots, of course

No personal branding shoot would be complete without headshots, and these can and should also be intensely personal. Tabitha, as a One of Many coach, works with feminine power, so chose her own powers to step into for a series of headshots outside.

Shots of you creating content

I’ll always try and get some photos of you doing your thing, both with and without clients – Tabitha records videos for her private coaching group every Monday, so this was an ideal place to start.

And of course we had a series of coaching in action shots, with a “client”, in as realistic a situation as possible, but without sharing personal information while I was lurking with my cameras!

Looking to update your own marketing & branding photography? Let’s chat – I can save you hours of time and untold stress by creating a personalised, bespoke photo library which is perfectly on-brand.

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