Even your snapshots are worth printing

There have been a few posts like this surfacing recently, and at first I didn't think much of them. Photos are photos, whether they're digital or printed, right? And you always get the important ones printed, don't you? The weddings, the graduation photos, the...

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Be the one who people talk about

In my youth, I was often the subject of whispers and giggling. In one memorable-for-all-the-wrong-reasons occasion when I was fourteen, I was also the subject of a secret bet – how long would the boy I was dating put up with me before he dumped me? (Answer,...

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Kitten interlude

I've been testing out my new camera body on the most easily-available subjects - my two cats, Luna and Clover! And the extra hour of daylight today made SUCH a difference... even if it is making it impossible for me to go to bed at a sensible time. I know you're doing...

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