Well, technically three, because my next day at the day job (which is also my last) is in fact on Tuesday. But OMFG I can’t believe how fast it’s come round!

After years of extolling the virtues of a month’s notice rather than three, I ended up giving ten weeks’ notice (like a second to Nicolas Flamel!!) to work, and I genuinely thought that was ages, and that I was going to work wonders. And then… suddenly it’s next week! And from Wednesday, I am freeeeeeeeeee!

Carla Watkins by Sarah Wayte Photography | carlawatkins.comThis is how I permanently feel  at the moment – photo by the gorgeous Sarah Wayte Photography!

Truly, the freedom is almost overwhelmingly exciting – the structure of a 9-5 is the thing I have struggled with the most in all my years of working. The only job I really liked the hours of was the Telegraph, where the design team rocked up between 11 and 12 and stayed till the job was done – sometimes at stupid o’clock the following morning. Suited my night owl habits and my independent nature, not least because my boss at the time actually trusted me to turn up & get the work done. Something that many, many managers the world over really seem to struggle with.

Anyway. I couldn’t let my very last weekend of servitude employment pass without marking it in blog form. I was torn between putting it here or on my “proper” blog, but decided that as here is where business owners, side hustlers and multipods unite (or at least that’s my plan!), here was more appropriate.

It feels exactly as I always dreamed it would, and at the same time, completely nothing like I expected. It’s very odd. And probably definitely made weirder by not being able to talk to Dad about things I would normally have sought his advice on. Though I do often sit by his memorial, at my bar, and chat anyway – my neighbours probably think I’m nuts, but oh well.

In my final few weeks I have experienced:

  • the longest and hottest heatwave I can ever remember
  • my fluffy cat getting a mystery fright and refusing to leave the house for nearly three weeks
  • realising I can now see Thestrals (this is bittersweet)
  • two vet visits
  • relief
  • joy
  • tears
  • panic
  • exhilaration
  • and all manner of other emotions.

I have also managed to:

  • speak at a women in business seminar
  • visit & shoot Louise Rose Couture’s new studio & boutique space
  • shoot a cheerleading events night at short notice
  • dismantle my studio for said event & put it back together (with some much appreciated help!)
  • have a weekend away in Norfolk which was gorgeous and much needed
  • fit in a couple of full days of coworking
  • appear in two exhibitions
  • rework some of this site
  • rework Ink Drops‘ limited edition offerings – on paper at least, shooting is still in progress
  • re-read the first three books of Harry Potter
  • completely fall off social media because there is just too much else going on right now
  • rediscover my love of Pinterest (main profile here, biz & branding one here)
  • run a “make friends with your DSLR” workshop with the lovely Grace Elizabeth, which we hope to run again soon
  • start an Instagram TV channel
  • record two episodes of my new podcast
  • sing in the car a lot
  • sort out my newsletter – it’s now Letters from Studio 19, and there’s a business & branding edition (this one!) and a life & love edition (over on my lifestyle site).
  • and loads of other stuff I’ve forgotten to mention.

One of my goals in my new life is to appreciate what I DO get done (it’s usually loads) instead of fretting about what I haven’t done!

ANYWAY, if you are still reading, I am going to quietly leave a link to my latest podcast episode, I fully meant to record this each week while I was in my notice period. But life gets in the way of the best of intentions, hey? (Also, full disclosure, I was scared… I love to talk but I hate the sound of my voice on recordings, so releasing this to the world is TERRIFYING. Please be nice!).

Here goes…

And on that note, I shall be off! Next time I write will be from the other side… wish me luck!