Happy Tuesday, loves! It’s been the weirdest journey since leaving the day job and leaping into full time self employment. Today I wanted to remind you to remember to listen to your soul.

Even when you’re doing what you always wanted to do, there will be obstacles, roadblocks and other people’s expectations to tackle. Even worse, there will be your own expectations to deal with. Listening to your own deep intuition is vital to make sure you stay on the right track and don’t get diverted down the route of pleasing other people, or following your Shoulds at the expense of your happiness.

The reality of full time self employment is both glorious and terrifying – it’s the culmination of seven years of daily work towards this goal, and it’s without a doubt the thing I am most suited for. At the same time, the responsibility of bringing in my own income rather than turning up at a job and getting paid is a big change, and one I’m not sure I’d truly appreciated.

Also, I assumed that by ditching the day job I’d suddenly have loads of time to create all the content my heart desired, and maybe even make stuff for fun! Ahahahahha… it turns out that when you are doing this for a living instead of on the side, suddenly there are 3916 different/new things that need doing too, which fill the time you would have spent at a job.

Don’t get me wrong, it is by far among my best life decisions ever (buying my Poppycar and moving to Essex were others), but in the age of Insta-perfection, I thought I’d chuck a little bit of honesty into the mix. I’m so happy I might burst – and more nervous than ever that it might all go horribly wrong! So I am making sure to schedule some quiet time (hello, Bullet Journal!) for reflection & checking in with my soul – what do I truly want and how am I moving towards that – each day.

Carla taking a photo of herself in a mirror | carlawatkins.com

There you go, your regular dose of ramblings from me. What are you up to? Where are you in your business journey? How are you feeling?

Feel free to join us in the Business Soloists if you fancy a safe space full of likeminded people to discuss the ups, downs & practicalities of self employed & side hustle life! http://eepurl.com/dx8AHv

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