Sarah Wayte has curly purple hair in bunches, is wearing a book-print dress and glasses, and holding a notebook up to her face which says "Tell Your Story". She's standing against an old building which is partly beige and partly blue and grey. Branding photography by

I’m now caught up with editing & well into the swing of planning for next year (despite this bloody cough which won’t go away) – so here’s a nudge if you’re in the middle of your own planning.


Good photos always matter, of course, but if you’re selling online (and by “selling” I mean all of the below):

*selling actual goods (online or bricks & mortar shop)

*selling your services (accountants, photographers, copywriters, developers, virtual assistants, dance teachers, you name it, probably you can sell it)

*selling yourself in your LinkedIn profile (if you’re looking to come across professionally to external clients, especially if you’re keeping an eye out for another job)

*and don’t even get me started on the terrible headshots of perfectly decent humans I see on so many big companies’ websites & organisational charts. (If you work in HR please give me a call, I would love to work with you to fix these, so your fabulous employees have work photographs which actually look like them and which they are not frightened of sharing.)

then you are telling your story in images as well as words, and you need to be aware of this:

The first photograph which accompanies your online presence is the first and most lasting impression most people and potential clients have of you – so it needs to be not just good enough, but exactly right.

Louise Rose sits between pink cushions on a teal sofa in her bridal boutique in Reading, UK. To the left is a rail of her bespoke wedding dresses, and behind her is green patterned wallpaper. Branding photography by

Which is where a good photographer is worth her weight in gold. (and my weight is not insignificant 😉 )

Photos are how people judge you online, and stunning ones which really fit with your personal brand are an excellent way to supercharge your business. Or your job search.

I’m SO pleased! You’ve done such an amazing job! I don’t usually like photos of myself, but they feel like me and like my brand!

Louise Allison,

As a business owner myself, specialising in branding & editorial work and with 15 years of web & design experience behind me, I bring all my expertise to work with you and get the perfect shots of you and your beloved business at your very best, designed to work across all facets of your online & offline presence.

Professional photography will repay you in spades over the years – and it really is worth investing in. I know that cashflow can be awkward for small business owners, so I have designed flexible packages (you can book me from just an hour upwards) and you get the same personalised service however you work with me.

You can find out more about my work here:

Professional Headshots

Branding Photography

Product Photography

I’m currently taking bookings into Spring 2019 – give me a shout, let’s have a chat and see how I can help your business to fly 🙂

And have a glorious festive season!